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Signing Off


By Sheila Long O'Mara

The bittersweet time has come. After 112 print issues, 103 digital publications and too many e-newsletters to count, I’m signing off from the editor’s desk of Home Furnishings Business.

This month’s issue is my last, but rest assured, the magazine and the information it delivers will continue. The magazine was founded on one simple premise—create a strategy magazine for retailers about retailers and throw in a touch of edgy to keep things interesting. I remain steadfast in my belief of that vision as the industry becomes more challenging, and consumers more finicky.

Information is king, and the power to inform crucial to success.

Over the years, so many of you have taken the time to share your success stories, your struggles and even your failures so that others could glean nuggets that may be applicable in their businesses. For that, I thank you.

Thank you for believing in us along the way, as the magazine grew and prospered. Thank you for listening during those early days as I shared the dream of what Home Furnishings Business would be and how it would grow. Many of you watched—and often chuckled—as we found our sea legs. Over the last decade, there were times I’m sure you thought we’d gone overboard. Perhaps, we did just that, but only in the pursuit of crafting tales to inspire a better industry.

Sitting in this seat for more than 10 years has put all my dreams to shame. It’s been an amazing ride, but it’s time for me to head off in pursuit of another adventure.

I’m remaining in the furniture industry, and I’ll continue to write stories about a place that has become part of my fabric. As has been the case in this seat, I’ll be sharing stories and working diligently to connect companies with one another and with their consumers. I’ll just be doing it from a different vantage point at a public relations and communications firm.

You’ll find me at the High Point Market, and when you see me looking somewhat dazed and confused, give a shout. I’ll be the one searching for my sea legs once again, as I learn how to wear a different hat in a familiar ocean.

As for the magazine, I’ll continue reading each month, and I’m sure you all will, too. The search for a new editor is underway, and I look forward to seeing the magazine continue to evolve and blossom under his or her leadership.

Thank you all for being readers and business partners in this amazing ride. My glass overflows thanks to many of you.

On a personal note, feel free to stay in touch via, and the phone numbers will remain just as they have been for more than a dozen years.


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