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Holiday Wishes

The most wonderful time of the year brings with it a heightened sense of what’s to come.

by Sheila Long O’mara


Each year as we race toward the finish line of the year, things kick into overdrive.

Deadlines are tightened to accommodate vacations, holidays and celebrations. To do lists—both for family and for work—grow to unbelievable lengths.

Days become filled with work, errands, parties, plays and caroling. Baking, stories and toasts fill evenings. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Many folks feel hurried and rushed as they cook for Thanksgiving. (It’s Thanksgiving Eve here, and multitudes of chopped vegetables and bread for stuffing sit waiting on the kitchen counter.) Once Thanksgiving passes, family time is taken over by holiday shopping, celebrations and more cooking followed by more eating and more family time.

As crazy as we all seem to feel during the month of December, within the blink of an eye, the celebrations are gone, and we toast in a New Year. The beginning of a new season brings with it hope and all that can be.

Before we slide into full-blown holiday shopping—and for retailers all-out selling—season, it’s important to take stock of where we stand. Planning to close the books on 2015 is an important part to welcoming a successful 2016.

In lieu of waxing poetic and sharing with you all the things I think you should put on your to-do lists, I figured I’d share a seasonal wish lists of sorts. I realize, of course, that none of you asked so if you’re not interested, skip to the last two paragraphs for a cheerful send off through the rest of the issue.

Here’s my official wish list in no particular order.

1. I hope all furniture retailers hear the sweet proverbial sound of cash registers ringing through the end of the year as consumers buy rooms full of furniture.

2. I hope those ringing registers translate into a multitude of orders for my manufacturing and vendor friends.

3. Here’s wishing you all safe, calm
travels—business or otherwise—wherever you may go.

4. Here’s to quiet, serene evenings by a warm fire in cold climates and under clear starry skies in warmer locations.

5. May all your aspirations, dreams and needs­—personal and otherwise—be fulfilled to your highest expectations.

6. For all of us, a big dose of peace and love as we navigate through the uncertainty of the world.

7. May your family forever be close and the love you share for one another be deep.

8. Here’s to sticky finger hugs from the littlest ones in your midst and the patience to see the holiday lights through all the wonder those littles hold.

9. I wish health and happiness for each of you.

10. May your cups forever be filled.

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful New Year.


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