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Relaxation at its Best

Here’s a look at what a number of industry folks do to recover from the stresses of life and work.

What do you do to get away from it all?

If I have 10 days or more, I’m going to a seaside village in Northern Tuscany. If it’s less than a week, it’s the beach in Hawaii.

What do you get from what you do that recharge your batteries?

The first stage is taking the time to unwind. That can take to or three days. After that I can really dig into relaxation and disconnect my prejudice to always be honing in on a solution to something. When I do reconnect, I can really approach the tasks I deal with using a fresh approach.

I tell everyone on my team to always have a vacation planned. It gives you something to look forward to and helps you do your job better.

Lee Corson, chairman and CEO

Corson Furniture International

Pompano Beach, Fla.

What I do: For the last 65 years, my primary summer relaxation has consisted of “messing around in small boats.”  Having sailed and raced well over 100,000 miles to date on a variety of my own and other’s boats, I’ve found they all have different personalities and I’ve enjoyed everyone of them­—even the slow ones!

On a few occasions, Poseidon, The Mover of the Seas, has rebelled against some unknown transgression by me or one of my crew members, resulting in less than a desired smooth passage. Giving him the respect he deserves seems to mitigate the problem, and over the years he has generally been reasonable.


What I get: The experience of an offshore passage or the close competition of a around the buoy’s race is totally exhilarating and few experiences can compare. Those of us that have been captured by the lure of the sea share a very strong bond and will likely concur.

 (The photo is of one of Corson’s prior boats, all of which have been named “Jilly,” after his bride of 50 years.)

Debbie Suter, co-owner

Owen Suter’s Fine Furniture

Richmond, Va.

What I do: My husband, Owen Suter III, is a sixth generation furniture manufacturer. He loves to unwind and relax by shooting skeet and sporting clays.

What I get: He always says to me it doesn’t take as much time as golf. We have a beautiful outdoor shooting club, Conservation Park, in Charles City Va., that uses the profits from the shooting sports to fund quail preservation. So he relaxes, has fun with friends and helps the environment!

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