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Youthful Exuberance


We recognize the young talent throughout the furniture industry with Forty Under 40.

By Sheila Long O'mara


Ahhhh, The Joys of youth.  To have all of the energy and excitement.

The furniture industry is filled with a great collection of energetic folks who are all bright-eyed and eager to tackle the world.

Youngers are filled with exuberance, and that energy offers them the ability to tackle nearly any challenge. Often, people hear exuberance and youth in the same sentence and think carefree and wild. However, the word exuberance comes from exuberant, which means to be very energetic with enthusiasm.

The furniture industry has an abundance of exuberant youth who have taken hold in the business and done great things. That said, we’re honored to celebrate our 2015 slate of Forty Under 40 in this issue.

The list’s foundation was created through industry nominations accepted over the last few months, and the nominations rolled in from across the industry. This year’s list, unlike the one we did in 2013, features retailers AND industry vendors. Both segments offer the furniture business a wealth of talent in a variety of positions including marketing, operations, retail management, presidents and a number of vice presidents.

Members on the list include folks from family businesses as well as those who have jumped into the business having no family ties at all. 

The furniture industry is much better and boasts a bright future because each of them is an integral part of the fiber of this great big family.

Our slate is filled with creative, intuitive and downright business savvy individuals who are shaping the furniture industry. They continue to push themselves, encourage their co-workers and push the envelope to move the furniture business forward.

This year’s under-40 set has taken the industry by storm in each of their positions, and I’m certain there will be many innovations to come from the 2015 class of Forty Under 40.

The industry needs to continue listening and learning from these innovators who push the boundaries in search of new ways to conduct business. We need to continue to nurture and mentor them so that they OWN this business when all of us more-seasoned executives have moved to the beach to retire.

Enjoy the list!


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