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Revamped High Point Pre-Market Shifts Schedule

By Home Furnishings Business in High Point on April 2007 Organizers of an initiative to revive High Point€™s Pre-Market have changed the event€™s dates to Monday, August 20, and Tuesday, August 21, in a move that assures a sufficient number of hotel rooms and ends a conflict with the Tupelo Furniture Market.

Originally planned for August 22-25, the event designed for major retailers will include cocktail receptions, a panel discussion and a dinner for attendees. Major exhibitors are being encouraged to show €œMarket-ready€ products during the event. The original dates overlapped with Tupelo€™s August 22-26 summer event.

In a press release Thursday, Samson Marketing President and CEO Kevin O€™Connor said, €œPre-Market has not been important to everyone, not is it likely to be important for everyone in the future. However, for many of the Top 100 retailers throughout the U.S., it is critical to preview new case goods product from their key vendors. Seeing Market-ready product from a majority of key vendors gives them the chance to comment on design changes and make early distribution commitments.€

O€™Connor, who oversees Universal, Legacy Classic and Craftmaster as the head of Samson, said providing a forum for manufacturers to receive input on new introductions at Pre-Market€”40 days ahead of the Oct. 1 start of High Point€™s Market€”will strengthen relationships with key customers and the High Point Market itself.

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