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TruckSkin To Help Ikea Brand Delivery Program

By Home Furnishings Business in Advertising on April 2007 TruckSkin, a leading provider of specialized fleet vehicle graphic programs, has announced it has been selected as a vendor partner for Ikea San Diego€™s home delivery program.

The move marks the first time that an Ikea location has used its own fleet and employees to provide in-home delivery.  As part of the program, TruckSkin has wrapped each of the Ikea San Diego delivery trucks with a vinyl graphic that Ikea can change to coordinate with the store€™s marketing calendar. 

€œIn the past we paid mobile billboard companies to advertise our message,€ said Toni Banuelos, Ikea marketing manager. €œBut adding TruckSkin graphics to our own vehicles fit perfectly with our plan to bring the delivery process in-house. This allows us to take advantage of our existing resources. In fact, when we need additional media support, we have our drivers drive the trucks around targeted areas.€

Banuelos says the current test calls for three separate sets of graphic designs for the IKEA San Diego fleet, but the program could easily expand from there.

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