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Broyhill Taps Bates to Head New Initiative

By Home Furnishings Business in Case Goods on March 2007 Industry veteran Fred Bates has joined Broyhill Furniture Inds. to head a new initiative for the company that will bring greater focus to the company€™s product by using retailer and consumer feedback.

€œBroyhill is the most recognized brand in America, but our product needs a little polishing,€ said Jeff Cook, the company€™s new president. €œProduct is our No. 1 focus. We are going to add momemntum to the power of the Broyhill brand through the product as opposed to just polishing the brand.€

Bates worked for Haverty Furniture Co. for 47 years and retired as vice president and regional manager, as well as serving on the company€™s board of directors for 26 years.

€œFred has been charged with gaining invaluable feedback from our retail customers and bringing all of our product lines to life, in design as well as function,€ Cook said. €œAs one of the most respected individuals in our industry, who is known for developing product that consumers are looking for, his first priority is to help us design reliable styles that are right for our customers.€

Bates will visit retailers across the country and will work with the company€™s product development team.

€œMy focus will be to identify what consumers in the middle market are looking for today,€ Bates said €œIt€™s a different breed in the marketplace, and we are going to pay close attention to their needs and wants.€

Cook said €œFred will be our eyes and ears focused on one purpose: to listen to our retailers and better understand what consumers ask for when they come into the store, what they like and don€™t like. He will come back and tell us what needs to change, and that will be the first of many steps to help us return Broyhill to dominance in each and every product category.€

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