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Coaster Fine Furniture Showcases Themed Galleries in Vegas

Coaster Fine Furniture heads to the Las Vegas Market with three, themed and curated galleries as part of its new showroom in Building A-800/801. The trio of trend-right product environments will showcase many exclusive designs, along with the company’s commitment to better designed goods at exceptional values coupled with parallel warehouse, logistics and customer service standards.  

Curated with the merchandising expertise of Crystal Nguyen, vice president of merchandise and strategic product planning at Coaster, and supported by extensive research, the “Viva Las Vegas,” “Desert Rose,” and “Quiet Luxury,” themed environments embody the company’s “bought product” strategy and every level of price point from promotional to elevated better goods. 

“Viva Las Vegas,” combines all-white decor with metallic accents for a futuristic feel, with the color palette also including splashes of light gray, black, and taupe. Materials used include glass, chrome, stainless steel, and pearlized wood finishes for big plays on textures. Curved and radius pieces epitomize the popularity of rounded shapes, and Nguyen said the look is an evolution of glam that is an impressive, contemporary Italian luxe look. 

“Desert Rose” evolves the warm, earthy toned upholstered pieces referred to by Coaster insiders as the “Spicy Room,” into a new display that nods to the Southwest styles of the ‘80s and ‘90s, this time mixing in chunky raw wood items, and artisan India décor with inlays.

“Imagine decorating an Airbnb in Joshua Tree,” Nguyen said. “Think butterscotch leather dining chairs, matte black metal, and sprinkle in some stripes, pottery and faux fur for fun.”

According to Nguyen, “We have been going through a big resurgence in 80s and 90s home décor styles, alongside a renewed interest in biophilic design. Inspired by the unique beauty of the Mojave, the Desert Rose collection represents the intersection of these trends. For consumers who seek to reconnect with nature within the comfort of their homes, Desert Rose offers a rustic oasis.”

Coaster’s “Quiet Luxury” meanwhile is exactly that, exuding an “old money,” swanky aesthetic without the associated high-ticket costs. In contrast to the white-and-chrome color scheme of “Viva Las Vegas” or the earthy tones of “Desert Rose,” “Quiet Luxury” positions smooth, dark, and light wood finishes in rich hues alongside matte, aged gold metal. Materials range from marble and leather to the elegance of matte velvets. Watch for clean-lined shapes, vertical reeding, and fluting.

“There’s an undeniable appeal to imitating the fashion choices of the rich and famous, which was why ‘glam’ was such a popular aesthetic in the past,” the executive said. “It was flashy and loud and a status symbol as much as a fashion statement. However, like the old saying goes, money talks and wealth whispers. Extravagant designs are now widely regarded as trying too hard and phony. Consumers now are drawn to understated elegance.”

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