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South Shore Furniture Announces Outdoor Collections

South Shore Furniture, a North American in ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturer, announces its foray into outdoor furnishings with the unveiling of its collections Begonia, Dalya, Agave, and Amalfi.

Each collection is an invitation to transform outdoor living spaces, blending innovative design with unmatched quality.

Spotlight on the Collections:

BEGONIA: The Begonia collection transforms office terraces, hotel lounges, and green spaces with inviting furniture that blend seamlessly into each setting. Designed for a natural integration into the ambiance of any location, each piece from this collection skillfully combines modernity with durability.

DALYA: Embodying Scandinavian design spirit, the Dalya collection offers outdoor furniture built to last. Perfect for bringing sunlight to your patio, terrace, or balcony, these pieces withstand UV rays, water, and weather, enabling you to fully enjoy summer to its fullest, even in compact spaces.

AGAVE: The Agave collection invites you to break away from the everyday and immerse in a dreamy setting reminiscent of an exotic oasis where nature meets serene luxury. With its natural materials and designs inspired by coastal landscapes, Agave turns your terrace into a sun-kissed sanctuary.

AMALFI: Experience the essence of Scandinavian design with the Amalfi collection, which celebrates the harmony of nature and the elegance of craftsmanship. Each piece seamlessly blends functionality with timeless elegance, creating an outdoor space where wellness meets style.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Design

South Shore Furniture is dedicated to enriching outdoor living spaces with furniture that combines durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Myriam Girard, product management & innovation specialist at South Shore Furniture, emphasizes, “More and more, we are seeing that our outdoor spaces are becoming extensions of our interiors. The furniture for our terraces is increasingly resembling that of our living rooms or dining rooms. The materials are refined, the colors more neutral and soft. This convergence of styles not only reflects a demand for greater beauty and comfort, it also meets a growing need for durability and adaptability in the design of outdoor furniture.”

With the arrival of warmer days, South Shore Furniture renews its invitation to transform your outdoor area into a unique living space. The Begonia, Dalya, Agave, and Amalfi collections are now available, ready to breathe new life into your outdoor settings.

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