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Kingsdown, Inc. Launches Licensing Agreement with Grupo Diveco

Luxury bedding manufacturer, Kingsdown, Inc., has launched a new three-year licensing agreement with Grupo Diveco in Guatemala, one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturers in the Americas.

The new partnership expands Kingsdown’s distribution territory throughout Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Established in 1971, Grupo Diveco operates two factories in Guatemala and Honduras, five distribution centers and multiple Sleep Gallery retail chains across the region. The company is privately owned by the Dimitrakis family and is comprised of three main divisions: mattress production, lumber, and retail.

What distinguishes Grupo Diveco and underscores its status as a fully integrated entity is its strategic integration with the Nativa Forestry Group (part of the Diveco Group). The collaboration results in a streamlined process with lumber sourced and delivered to Grupo Diveco’s production facility in Guatemala City.

Leveraging the base timber, Grupo Diveco meticulously crafts its products, from manufacturing its own coils to curing its own foams, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and control over its offerings.

“Grupo Diveco is the ideal licensee to represent Kingsdown in Central America,” said Frank Hood, president, and CEO of Kingsdown. “For the last 52 years, Grupo Diveco has built a legacy of innovation and production of high-quality products that elevate the sleep experience. Our companies are incredibly likeminded, and we are proud to sign them as a licensee.”

“We are excited about the future and committed to our goal of raising sleep standards in Guatemala and the entire Central American region,” said Georgia Dimitrakis, regional franchise manager of Grupe Diveco. “By partnering with Kingsdown, we are bringing the luxury of absolute comfort, exclusivity and unmatched rest to Central American homes.”

Grupo Diveco hosted a VIP celebration on March 19th in Guatemala City, attended by Kingsdown, the Grupo Diveco staff, business partners and stakeholders to celebrate the new partnership.

Photo: From left to right: Xristos Dimitrakis, Nina Dimitrakis, Alexia Dimitrakis, Dimitrio Dimitrakis, Frank Hood, Panagiotis Dimitrakis, Spencer Nicholls, and Georgia Dimitrakis

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