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Tools2Win® Announces Integration with R&A Marketing Website + Technology

Tools2Win® is excited to announce our partnership and integration with the R&A Marketing Website + Technology division. Together, Tools2Win® and R&A Marketing have developed a process that synchronizes a retailer's Point-of-Sale data with their website catalog creating a seamless automation that helps provide consumers and retailers with a better online experience.

Brian Dodge, Tools2Win® account manager comments, “we are excited to partner with R&A Marketing as a leading marketer and website provider in the industry.  We look forward to helping our mutual partners ensure that their website is automatically synced with their Point-of-Sale system, saving them time and money.”

This integration streamlines operations for the team at the retail store who continue to bear the load of managing ever-changing pricing and inventory data. At the same time, the automation ensures accurate and up-to-date product, pricing and inventory information for consumers, so they have a seamless Omni-channel experience.

Kevin Doran, Chief product officer from R&A notes, “we are always looking for ways to provide innovative technology and solutions to make our clients more money with less effort. Creating an integration with point-of-sale systems that actually works was top of the list of requests from our clients and the partnership with Tools2Win® has been a great way to accomplish that.”

Using this integration retailers can now effectively showcase pricing, display status, and stock availability on their website. In addition these stay up to date from any transaction origination point. For instance, if an item is in stock and is sold in-store the website can be instantly updated to reflect the change. With this capability, retailers can confidently sell their inventory online, knowing that pricing, stock status, and availability are always up to date.

What Retailers Are Saying…

“Almost overnight, our website was automatically updated and synced with our Profit systems point of sale system!  We no longer had to do multiple steps with each product change  to make sure that our website with R&A Marketing was up to date.  We no longer have  issues with missed changes and incorrect pricing.  The automated Tools2Win® web  upload process is a huge timesaver for us and provides peace of mind in knowing that  our website is always up to date is immeasurable.” Teri Sutterfield, General Manager,  Moore’s Home Furnishings

“This Tools2Win® automated web upload process has made it possible for us to modernize our online presentation to our customers by bringing pricing and product availability from Storis directly to our website hosted by R&A Marketing.” Justin Lehman, Interiors Home

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