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Momentum Announces Launch of Light Collection that Promotes Wellness

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering, the industry's largest supplier of commercial textiles and wallcoverings, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand new Light Collection. This innovative offering, grounded in evidence-based scientific research on the healing properties of light, blends biophilic design elements with high performance materials to promote wellness in a mix of environments from healthcare spaces to workplaces of the future.

Light exudes warmth, supports life, and significantly influences the prosperity of natural environments. For human beings, access to light is directly linked to physiological and psychological health outcomes. Within the built environment, especially in healthcare facilities, the presence of natural light can “humanize” an otherwise cold space, creating an inviting atmosphere and positive energy.

The Light Collection celebrates light's profound impact, capturing its healing benefits and translating them into elegant textiles and wallcoverings ideal for any commercial space.

Momentum Vice President of Design Shantel McGowan states, “This collection is a testament to light’s transformative power in shaping the spaces we inhabit, promoting healing, and inspiring a sense of possibility.”

“By incorporating scientific research and our own experiences designing for patient-centric healthcare spaces, Light is a reflection of Momentum’s ongoing commitment to creating products that prioritize both aesthetics and wellness.”

Extensive research on lighting and its beneficial properties, both natural and artificial, was incorporated into the development of this collection. As healthcare environments increasingly prioritize a patient-centric experience with less clinical and more hospitality-inspired aesthetics, architects and designers are also incorporating biophilic elements into medical campuses.

While light proves to be an excellent design feature for healthcare facilities, Momentum’s vision for the collection extends even further, encompassing hospitality and workplace design — two pivotal areas where the infusion of natural light and biophilic design continues to gain popularity, promoting wellness.

An evolution in high performance textiles and wallcoverings, the Light Collection’s innovative designs include bleach-cleanable solutions, Crypton®, coated textiles, and more. The collection is composed of six Red-List Free and Greenguard Gold certified textiles (Flitter, Abeam, Promise, Silica Altair, Privet, and Liven) and Greenguard certified wallcoverings (La Foret and La Foret Stripe).

Each pattern within the collection is inspired by the way light filters through nature and the built world alike. Abstracting plant leaves, creating silhouettes, and casting shadows that move and elongate throughout the day and year, the collection captures the essence of light’s rhythms.

The intentional consideration of intensity, angle, and refraction creates a dynamic, softening, and soothing experience. Inspired by the healing properties of nature, the collection evokes a sense of endless possibility. Explore the patterns of the Light Collection below and discover how the fusion of biophilia and performance can be transformative, promoting overall wellbeing and enhancing the experience of every space they touch.

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