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Sarah Sherman Samuel x Concrete Collaborative Introduce Stylish Bricks

Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel releases a new collection in collaboration with Concrete Collaborative. Modern Fluted Brick is inspired by scalloped columns from ancient architecture, combined with the terracotta color of traditional brick.

These extra-large bricks come in 5 signature colors - Ivory, Ebony, Olive, Valencia, and Taupe, and can be used as a building’s facade the interior feature of a fireplace surround, and much more!

“I am continually inspired by buildings and interiors that have a story around the intersection of old and new. In my work I am consistently looking to blend the classic with the unexpected, traditional elements installed in new ways or modern takes on historical materials,” explains Sarah Sherman Samuel.

“So when designing my first new-construction house I knew I wanted to incorporate brick into the material palette but in a non-traditional way.”

Samuel continues, “Inspired in form by fluted columns from ancient architecture combined with the terracotta color of traditional brick, but in the extra-large size of 12” x 8” x 4”, our modern scalloped block was born.”

“The collection features a scalloped face block as well as a coordinating scalloped corner block to seamlessly finished corners. With the versatility of masonry, these can be used as a building’s façade, interior feature wall or fireplace surround to name a few.”

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