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AmericasMart Names Visual Display Winners

AmericasMart Atlanta has announced Visual Display Award winners for its July 2013 markets.

Judging during the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Marketand the Atlanta International Area Rug Market yielded Visual Display Awards for 30 permanent showrooms and 21 temporary exhibits, including a Best of Show in the Temporaries. Independent design and visual merchandising experts, with decades of experience, selected the winners. 
July 2013 "Best of Floor" in AmericasMart Building 1 winners, with judges’ comments are:
* Floor 9, V Rugs & Home. "A bright white backdrop and strategic lighting focus attention on the bold graphics of pillows displayed in separate color stories."
* Floor 10, Europe 2 You. "Brick walls, planked floors and Spanish-style clay tiles exude old European charm, while symmetrical placement and repetition of product continues the harmony of style."
* Floor 11, Grander Images. "'Floating' walls, created by suspending floor-to-ceiling paintings back-to-back, create a unique art gallery feel. The whitewashed horizontal planking on the walls and plush monochromatic carpet amplify the suspended effect of the artwork."
* Floor 12, Euroline. "Bare branches imbedded into a pebbled trough mimic curtains flanking the window entrance. A palate of dark grays and mushroom taupe, along with candles and lanterns, enhance this 'forest at dusk' feel."
* Floor 13, Cyan Design. "The showroom entrance features string art escalated to a new level. Inside, spacious product placement allows for a visual 'pause,' while recessed video strips wrap outer walls and present a playful interpretation of style juxtaposing kids and products."
* Floor 14, Global Views. "A purposeful positioning of product and props is enhanced by the striking implementation of color within the space with upbeat, jazzy music adding an energetic tone."
* Floor 16, Midwest-CBK. "Discarded and vintage materials, including wood pallets, antique stone, corrugated metal and wood beams, are cleverly used throughout vignettes in large, impactful windows."
* Floor 17, Hill’s Imports. "Repurposed and recycled materials complement high glazed ceramics, while the use of fresh plant and floral materials is an unexpected ingredient in the mix."
* Floor 18, Kaemingk International. Oversized photomurals of the Italian seaside set the mood of this welcoming space with happy and bright lighting and color palette that is reflective of product selection. A combination of music, water, breezes and lighting entice all the senses."

* Floor 19, Unlimited Containers. "Oversized containers grouped by color and classification are stacked floor to ceiling creating a strong visual impact of tight vignettes."
* Floor 20, Old World Christmas. "With a front window featuring fresh-off-the-truck ornament produce, this showroom features charming ornament vignettes ranging from a collegiate tailgate to a beach encrusted tabletop and a library."
July 2013 "Best of Floor" in AmericasMart Building 2 winners are:
* Floor 6, Collins Painting & Design. "Nostalgic architectural discards and vintage auto and bicycle parts are woven into various vignettes and displays highlighted by soft, subdued lighting and twinkle lights."
* Floor 7, burton + BURTON. "Well-classified and tightly grouped themes feature bright, bold exciting and colorful, carnival-like displays with video vignettes depicting story themes in individual, theater-like atmospheres."
* Floor 8, Home Essentials & Beyond. "Multiple product collections are divided into separate vignettes, each having their own flavor with a collection of color coordinated butterflies throughout the space adding a light, airy effect."
* Floor 9, Lazy Susan USA. "A use of color blocking catches attention while a repetitive use of color on freestanding fixtures creates continuity across the showroom."
* Floor 10, Cody Foster & Co. "Inviting winter scenes in this crystalline treasure chest are stylized with a nostalgia that invokes memories of an innocent and simpler time and feature a snow-laden birch forest and pom-pom covered rams in front of an oversized paint-by-number winter scene."
* Floor 11, The Round Top Collection. "This large showroom is subdivided into seasonal themed rooms showcasing a plethora of quaint decorations in weathered and warm fixtures with visual details like branches, shells, vines and netting filling every space."
* Floor 12, Heeney Company. "This narrow space is washed in soft woodsy grays and greens with a repurposed plank wall featuring an oversized logo and tables made from old doors repeated down its center showcasing tight displays decorated with branches and other greenery."
* Floor 13, P. Graham Dunn. "From all vantage points buyers are greeted by inspirational signage anchored on clever backdrops including a moss-covered wall and a grey-toned partially assembled puzzle."
* Floor 14, The India Connection. "This showroom’s entrance is punctuated with three distinct table displays that are an explosion of colorful products stylized with adjacent cohesive colored walls and colorful strings stretched from each grouped table to ceiling above."
* Floor 15, One Hundred 80 degrees. "A visual delight with bright white floors, walls and ceiling creating a crisp contrast to sparkling product and unexpected visual treasures including floating Halloween hats, a moss-covered dining table, a corrugated 'shingled' wall that is whitewashed and lightly sketched with tree motif, and a stacked cord of wood used as a jewelry display."
* Floor 16, daniel richards. "Cohesive elements hold this showroom, spread out in several locations, together: sisal flooring, ash wood features in a light tone and chalkboard panels with vendor identification."
* Floor 17, Evergreen Enterprises. "Repetition of a bold apple green color in the entrance wall, on strategic focal walls throughout the space defines this expansive showroom."
* Floor 18, OneCoast. "All of the entrances to this showroom are very welcoming and inviting with excellent vendor identification featuring specific lines."
The winner in Gourmet & Housewares/Living and Entertaining: Gifts, Tabletop & Accessories:
* Caffe D’Amore. "A pale ochre color wraps this compact space with four center tables that march down the center with the front table featuring a lovely bird nest floral arrangement."
Living, Outdoor/Indoor, The Gardens winners are:
* Garden Works Perennial Products. "A center wooden gazebo is wrapped in garlands and florals with a creeping fig wall covering that adds to its garden-like atmosphere."
* Desert Steel Company. "A life-sized desert garden graphic wraps the back and side walls of this showroom, expanding the visual space and showing the product in its environment."
Window Display winners are:
* Building 1, SFERRA Fine Linens. "Colorful napkins are tucked in a grid to create a “hook rug” effect in a floating vertical panel with intentional placement of colors creating a rainbow effect."
* Building 2, The Simblist Group. "A bank of two windows wrapped in a charcoal gray feature a single deep shelf in the same color."
* Building 3, Zenzii 3. "An all-white window features five suspended white frames showcasing suspended colorful jewelry items."

Best of Category, Market Temporaries winners are: 
* Best of Show, Tommy Mitchell Company.
* Home Accents & Home Furnishings, Phillips Scott
* Fine Linens & Home Textiles, Pehr Designs, and Block and Brayer.
* HD Home, Elaine Smith Inc.
* High Design, Mitchell Black LLC.
* Gourmet Foods & Gourmet Housewares, Hillside Orchard Farms.
* Tabletop Luxe, Emilio Robba/Fleurissima Inc.
* Coastal Lifestyles, Sailor Bags.
* Living. Outdoor/Indoor. The Gardens., Farmer D Organics.
* Made in America, Rewined.
* Global Designs, Carana Corp.
* Holiday, Floral & Baskets, Cottage Products.
* Handmade Design, Houston Llew Inc.
* General Gifts, Greenleaf and Hudson Organics.
* AmericasMart’s Children’s World, Zutano Inc.
* Body & Soul, Daisies & Dukes.
* Boutique, Grace George.
* Jewelry & Fashion Accessories, Wholesale Boutique.
* Write On! Stationery, Imprinting, Paper & Occasions, Queen & Co.
* Paper Boutique, Temkin International.

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