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Ikea Plans Expansion in Detroit Market

Home furnishings retailer Ikea  plans to add 44,000 square feet to its Canton, Mich., store making the location 355,000 square feet.

The addition to the store, which opened in June 2006, is expected to be completed in the spring of 2015. Work on the project will being this summer.

The project includes expanding the self-serve furniture area, rearrangement of customer service and enlarging the home delivery area.

“IKEA is thrilled with the success of IKEA Canton. But, as our customer base and sales continue to grow – along with our product assortment – the store’s warehouse capacity now is less than ideal,” said Matt Hunsicker, IKEA Canton store manager. “Extending the store’s self-serve furniture area so it can hold more products would allow us to improve the shopping experience, to meet our customers’ needs more easily, and to enhance our ability to keep lowering prices.” 

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