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September 2013 Issue 

September 2013 Cover

Hot Wire

Whether brick-and-mortar retailers like it or not, e-commerce is serious business in furniture these days. And it will only get bigger....

Too Big to Ignore

Furniture Vendors Can’t Ignore Online Sales’ Potential for Future Growth.

High Society: Jeromes, Christopher Guy, GE Capital, Surya

Highlights from recent industry events ...

What Sells: Motion - Consumers Crave Comfort 

Reclining sofas and sectionals - motion upholstery ....

From the Editor : Wide World of Shopping

Take a tour down nostalgia lane with me for just a few minutes. For those of you over the age of 40, think back to shopping when you were a young teen. Not just for home furnishings, mind you, shopping...

Publisher's Letter : Change

This is not something many of us want to do. However, this is an inevitable condition in today’s fast-paced environment. And the Internet is a big part of that environment. We cannot slow its growth or lessen its influence even...

On Bedding : Beds Take on Technology

Bedding suppliers this summer proved that the Las Vegas Market is THE market for bedding by pulling out creative advertising programs, a broad selection of new product and technologies to encourage sells....

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