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October 2019 Issue

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I'am getting somewhat tired of this word. As a management consultant, with an engineering background, I am constantly in search of predictability based upon historical data.

State of the Industry

The title of the article “2020” does not communicate the vision that we, or others in the industry have about what will occur in 2020.

Tariff Stalemate Hurts Both U.S. and China

Following the G7 Summit last summer, many American companies remain in limbo, and at press time faced no definitive results regarding trade negotiations between the U.S and China.

Turning Staff Downtime into Sales Uptime!

The state of our industry is best reflected by the fact that the first question sales consultants are asked by almost every client is: How they can get more productivity from their selling effort in order to do more with the fewer opportunities they are getting today?

You're Covered

Cover your bases on the sales floor with upholstery. As a broad category that includes both motion and stationary, there is a style, price point, and solution for every consumer. Stability in this category can be attributed to more than one single factor.




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