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November 2019 Issue

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Have We Become Too Transactional?

As the word “transactional” emerged into our discourse, it was important to understand what is meant by the term.

What Does Today’s Consumer Want?

No matter the topic, preferred distribution channel, price point, merchandise style, retail experience, and so forth and so on, it all leads back to the consumer.

Ecommerce Continues Double-Digit Furniture Industry Growth

Ecommerce home furnishings websites continue to chip away at brick and mortar retailers reporting double-digit growth last year estimated at over 22% compared to single-digit growth by other furniture and home furnishings retail channels.

The Battle to Gain Today’s Consumers Attention

One of the biggest challenges we face as marketers is getting our target consumer’s attention.

Accent Accolades

Accent furniture and accessories continue to hold steady as the industry inches forward.

Take 5: Pamela Danziger

Pamela Danziger is a speaker, author and market researcher known for her expertise on affluent Americans.




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