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November 2018 Issue

Current Issue

Consumers – What Do They Want?

It is hard to remove the “me” from strategic decisions that will impact your company for the next decade.

The Furniture Consumer Has A Pulse!

The furniture consumer has a pulse! Before you take exception, realize the furniture industry grew 4.8% last quarter and is projected to grow ­4.7% in 2019, along with a similar pattern in 2020.

The Changing Retail Landscape

The retail landscape has evolved over the last ten plus years and continues to shift as more brick and mortar stores close their doors amid a growing e-commerce industry.

Where Have All the Shoppers Gone? Long Time Passing?

This month’s issue is dedicated to the people in the world that have the most to say about our success or failure - the consumer.

Accentuated Style

Accent furniture is holding steady in the industry as its role becomes increasingly vital to consumer’s personal flair and style.




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