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March 2015 Issue March 2015 Cover

Retailer to Retailer

Retail buying groups offer members discounts, rebates and an immeasurable wealth of networking opportunities.

Shifting Sand

Look back through time in the home furnishings industry, and you’ll see that in the 1980s the manufacturers sales representative was a force to be reckoned with.

Diminishing Returns

One of the major challenges facing retailers and suppliers in the retail sector is the number of storefronts that are necessary to effectively serve a trading area.

Team Coach or Waterboy?

While the title of this article might make you chuckle (particularly if you liked the movie), it actually should be pretty scary to some.

Birth to Boost Furniture

Youth and infant furniture makers and retailers have reason to rejoice. A slow-and-steady resurgence in U.S. births hold promise to benefit the category.

Take 5: Tom Lias

Celebrating 75 years in the furniture retail business is an achievement of which to be proud. Marking 75 years in the shadow of one of the industry’s most powerful independent retailers—Art Van Furniture—is a feat to be shouted from a mountaintop.

What Sells: Outdoor Living

Winter has been brutal in many parts of the country this year, and people are eager for the big thaw. With sights set toward spring and dinners al fresco, consumers are eager to turn toward decorating and using their outdoor spaces.


The latest breakdown of significant numbers and what they mean to the industry.

Publisher's Letter: Who's Cheating Whom?

When I began to think about this issue, I put on my nostalgia glasses and reflected on the past, the past of gallery programs, clean distribution, and manufacturers defined by a single product category or even a specific style.

Editor's Note: Lessons of the Oak

Off a small, nondescript Road in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, one can find what has been reported as the oldest thing—living or man-made—east of the Mississippi River. The Angel Oak, a giant live oak that some say is around 1,500 years old, stands impressively sprawling.

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