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March 2014 

March 2014 Cover

Bet on Black

Let’s talk about ways to keep furniture stores out of Red. “Lowest price” might appeal to consumers shopping for furniture, but the competition among home furnishings retailers to meet that goal is killing bottom ....

Navigate Toward Profit

Staying on touch with retail metrics can turn a mediocre operation into a High Performance Company. Finding financial prowess in the furniture retailing business can be a tricky proposition. What numbers are key performance ...

What Sells: Outdoor Furniture

Despite what that pesky groundhog had to share last month, spring is just around the corner. With its return, spring will usher in the urge for consumers to shed winter coats, buds to push through warmer earth and garden parties filled .....

From the Editor : On a Mission

Here’s the scenario. Four women, one car, and a Friday afternoon and an all-day Saturday shop-a-palooza in Charlotte. Mission No. 1—hit Ikea...

Publisher's Letter : In Pursuit of Excellence

This issue of the magazine focuses on performance. This subject is timely since much of our attention has been focused on the Winter Olympics. These exceptional athletes have trained for and concentrated the last four years or longer on these moments when .....

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