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June 2017 Issue

Current Issue

Cover Story: Let's Whiteboard the Solution

Not a month goes by that another retail concept announces an assault on the traditional furniture supply model.

Are Those Storm Clouds?

This letter is addressed to those retailers who work on their business instead of those who work in their business.

Statistically Speaking: Mobility in America - What Motivates People to Move

With Mobility in America at an all-time historical low and only 11.2 percent of people moving from 2015 to 2016, what drives the current movers and leads them to change residence?

What Sells: Motion Furniture Meets Technology

This may come as a shock, but you are likely to see the words “motion furniture” and “technology” in the same sentence throughout this story.

Coach's Corner: Drilling for Dollars Using Sales Metrics

The ultimate sales performance metric is total sales. Everything else rolls up into it. If life was simple, this would be all we need, since it is the main end result we all want to maximize.

Take 5: Cameron Capel

In 1917, A. Leon Capel got his first look at a mechanical tractor, and quickly realized there wasn’t much future for his tiny business making rope plow lines that farmers tied to their mules while working their fields.




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