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June Issue 

May 2014 Cover

Training Day

Imagine you’re a customer walking into your bedding department. No matter how well it’s lit, or relaxing the atmosphere, you’re looking at a selection of products with little visual difference. Getting customers to understand why there is a difference is a key to training staff for selling mattresses, whether you have...

Blow Your Horn

The new generation of mattress shoppers is accustomed to going to specialists for particular products. They see an Apple store, they think, “I’ll find what I need...

Bring It

Furniture Stores Battle Mattress Specialty Shops For Share of A Very Profitable Category...

Editor's Note: Selling Sleep

Whether we care to admit it or not, mattress shopping is unbelievably confusing and challenging for consumers. An unlimited number of choices exist; the rectangular cubes look the same; the endless ads can be overwhelming...

Publisher's Note: Siblings or Distant Cousins?

Furniture and bedding are both members of the family of home furnishings, but the categories are as different as that second cousin you recently met at the family reunion—not different “weird”, but different “interesting.” If we start ....

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