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July 2019 Issue

Current Issue

Changes Moving Forward

Our focus this issue is the emerging generation. Those individuals that have distinguished themselves and are expected to provide the leadership as the industry moves into a transition period.

Leadership: The Next Generations' Road to Success

There were, and still are, many Silent Generation leaders in the home furnishings industry who successfully brought their businesses through the turbulent times of the past.

Get Ready for Generation Z – the iGeneration

During the next five years, over 20 million consumers tagged as Generation Z will pour into young-adult status with the leading edge surpassing the age of 21 this year.

Some Words of Wisdom About How to Be Successful

This month we celebrate forty up and coming people in our industry that are under the age of 40 years old.

Youth Furniture: Room for Growth

Time flies and as children grow, it is important that their furniture grows with them- transitioning through time from the first “big kid” bedroom set, to the personality driven tween and teen years, and finally, to a guest bedroom once that little one is no longer little and off on their own.




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