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January/February 2014 

January/February 2014 Cover

Training Day

It’s a rare athlete who’s at the top of his or her game every time the clock starts or the first pitch is thrown....

Balancing Act

Salary or commission, or some combination thereof? How you pay your salespeople is a question of your store environment, traffic and how your sales approach fits your business goals. ...

What Sells: Dining - Dining In

Formal dining rooms and casual dining areas are being used for things other than simply eating and sharing meals....

Retail Detail: Final Destination

Re-invention is a tradition at the Topeka, Kan., Furniture Mall of Kansas, which opened this past Labor Day weekend....

Environmental Report Card

October 2001. Anyone who was there might remember that High Point Market as something of an out-of-body experience...

Eye on Consumers

With issues such as formaldehyde emissions from furniture and hazardous fire retardants in upholstery and mattresses making headlines, consumers are indeed more concerned about environmentally conscious purchasing when it comes to home furnishings...

Green-Eyed Retailers

If you think paying attention to sustainability is more trouble than it’s worth at your store, be aware that retailers with far-flung operations believe it’s an investment in the future....

On Bedding: A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time in a cozy home in the suburbs, there lived a consumer couple who was eager for a better night’s sleep.....

It's Showtime: Las Vegas Pre Market Winter 2014

High Society: Contemporary Design Group

From the Editor : Double Down in Vegas

No doubt about it, home furnishings markets are big around our industry. It’s a biannual marathon that keeps every one of us in planes, trains and automobiles skirting bouncing from Atlanta to Dallas to Las Vegas to Tupelo...

Publisher's Letter : Sell Something

This adage has been a constant admonishment to me during the course of my career. Those for whom I have had the pleasure to work know that we are constantly exploring ways to approach the home furnishings business......

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