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January 2020 Issue

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What Drives the Industry?

From the beginning of consumer commerce, understanding exactly what fuels consumer desire has been the most sought after knowledge.

Escaping the ‘Not My Parent’s Furniture’ Conundrum

It is a statistical fact that the industry is going through a watershed moment as the nation transitions from the impact of the Baby Boomer generation to their kids, Generation X and interestingly, their kids, the much-discussed Millennials. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, the chart to the right shows the particulars.

2019 Ends a Year of Slow Steady Economic Growth As 2020 Begins on an Optimistic Note

Overall the U.S. economy ended 2019 with slow, but steady growth and looks to begin the New Year on a cautiously optimistic note.

Don’t Just Tell it...Sell It! Discovering Words that Romance and Enhance Your Merchandise

As a salesperson, words are a big part of your toolbox. They are the main ingredient of verbal communication and along with body language, tone, appearance, energy, speaking style and other elements, tend to separate the successful professional from the amateur in our stores.

No Counting Sheep, Just Better Sleep

Consumers today are taking a peaceful night’s sleep very seriously. One of the only furniture categories with a substantial focus on scientifi c research, facts regarding sleep are flashed across TV screens and promoted on virtually every app and internet page.

Take 5: Mark Kinsley President and CEO, Englander

It’s probably safe to assume Mark Kinsley is the only former television news anchor and radio talk show host to become CEO of a Top 15 bedding producer.<

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