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January 2019 Issue

Current Issue

Is Good Sameness the Enemy of Great Wow?

It is January, a time for reflection and resolve to make changes to address the challenges of the coming year.

Creating the Dream

Merchandising: one of the most confusing responsibilities in our industry, both at retail and wholesale.

Does Severe Winter Weather Impact a Retailer’s Bottom Line?

Furniture retailers with store fronts in areas prone to extreme winter weather will attest to weather’s impact on sales, whether it’s record snowfall crippling Boston or a severe ice storm shutting down Atlanta for days.

Creating Your Retail Resolutions for 2019

Our goal at Home Furnishings Business is to help our readers improve the performance of their business by providing critical information, so they can develop successful strategies for their company.

Take Mattress into Your Own Hands

The message around the mattress category, fueled by infomercials, local advertisements, and ads that seem to populate into search engines the moment consumers even think about a mattress, keeps the idea of mattress replacement every 8 - 10 years in the forefront of consumer mentality.

Take 5: Yavar Rafieha, Abbyson

What's in a name? For Yavar Rafieha and his brothers, the Abbyson name represents far more than a home furnishings brand; it epitomizes their family's legacy and values. After all, this third-generation business is still thriving after three decades, thanks to a successful combination of longstanding values and fresh strategies.




Published 12 times a year, Home Furnishings Business (HFB) is the only furniture industry trade publication dedicated to covering the business of furniture retail today. Home Furnishings Business is available in print or digital format and offers valuable strategies and intelligence for retailers who want to conduct a successful business today and tomorrow.
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