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January 2018 Issue

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A Failure to Communicate

One of the barriers to producing this issue on merchandising has been the niggling thought of how can the product which has been carefully curated to appeal to a targeted consumer be communicated, if the first step in the process is research on the internet?

Merchandising – Keystone of Furniture Retailing

From an architectural definition, “keystone” refers to the final piece of an arch which, when put in place, locks all the stones together, allowing the arch to bear a distributed weight. In the furniture industry, merchandising is the keystone to success.

Big and Small America

Big and Small America is a term coined by the Census Bureau to reflect the present geographical spread of the American population.

Rest Area? Online Players, Specialty Products Add Energy to Mattress Category

Since the end of the Great Recession, mattresses have been Old Reliable for just about anyone selling home furnishings.

Setting Up Your Retail Resolutions for 2018

The goal of this magazine is to help our readers improve the performance of their business by providing critical information, so they can develop successful strategies for their company. To assist you with that process each year, the January Coach’s Corner article reviews the columns from the last 12 months to give you some ideas about potential retail resolutions you can make to help your business prosper in the coming year.


The early 21st century hasn’t been kind to many of the furniture industry’s legacy brands, but Century Furniture has survived and even thrived despite recessions, a flood of low-cost imports and a tidal wave of e-commerce players.




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