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August 2019 Issue

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Whose Foot Is On the Brakes?

I know the economy is booming and we all should be answering positive to the question, “are you better today than you were four years ago?” The graphic below indicates a resounding yes.

Innovation or Disruption

One person’s innovation is another’s disruption. Industries must change to address the ever-changing needs of the consumer they serve and the community in which they operate.

Lack of Housing Starts Further Tightens Housing Industry

Although the U.S. now has a healthy economy, incomes are on the rise, and growth in household formations has finally started to normalize, the housing industry cannot keep up.

Why Some New Retail Innovations May Fail In Your Store

Last year we introduced the topic of innovation by defining it and pointing out that it can result from many different processes and activities.

Rise & Shine

Giving a bedroom a “wake up call” is easier and more personal than ever before. With endless wood species, finishes, and hardware customization options, each bedroom is a blank canvas dreaming of potential.




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