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August 2013 Issue 

August 2013 Cover

Aiming at America 

A recovering U.S. economy is good news for furniture retailers in ways beyond the obvious reasons....

Current Features

The Long Haul

Whoever said “getting there is half the fun” sure didn’t have furniture in mind. Shifting source country dynamics, lead times and rising fuel costs make getting product to your store or warehouse among furniture’s—or any retailing’s—greatest challenges.... 


While most furniture stores were recovering from a recession that left cyclone-like devastation in its wake, Tuscaloosa, Ala.-based Spiller Furniture had a real tornado to deal with.... 

It's Showtime: Las Vegas Market Summer 2013

Highlights from the show ... 

High Society: American Home Furnishings Alliance and ASFD Pinnacle Awards Judging

The latest from industry events... 

What Sells: Youth

Industy statistics and top-selling product for youth bedroom ... 

Current Columns

From the Editor : A Changing Tide

No one ever said change was easy. In fact, for most, it’s human nature to resist change. We tend to get comfy and cozy with the status quo. At least until the status quo becomes so static and uncomfortable that...

Publisher's Letter : Why a Magazine?

Let’s get that question behind us. Simply put, the mission of the Impact Consulting group of companies is to integrate information into the management process of furniture retailers and manufacturers in order to create high performance companies....

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