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April 2019 Issue

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Doesn’t Anyone Get Married Anymore?

No, I am not trying to start an argument with my grandchildren, but just trying to understand the lack of commitment in today’s marketplace and specifically the furniture market at retail.

After the Shock and Awe: Is it the Quiet Before the Storm?

The buzz that occurred with the acquisition of Bob’s Discount by Bain Capital in 2013 and a similar action of Thomas H. Lee Partners of the power house Art Van Furniture in early 2017, followed by the acquisition of Levin and Wolf was thought to signal a significant watershed moment in what was a family dominated industry.

Characteristics of Top Spending Households

A snapshot of top-spending furniture consumers looks to be high-earning married couples, in their late 30s and early 40s with young children, living in urban areas.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

By the very nature of our magazine, every issue we publish contains information and ideas to help the reader win more battles for the potential customers in their marketplace.

Dining: From Formal to Functional

The industry knows that in the age of open floor plans formal dining rooms have become a thing of the past with consumers opting for more open, functional spaces designed for flexibility.

Take 5: Kevin O'Connor & Don Essenberg, Legacy Classic

In 1999, as the home furnishings industry was starting to feel the growing pains of globalization, Kevin O'Connor, along with Richard Mihalik and Jerry Sagerdahl, launched Legacy Classic, which would become the fastest-growing casegoods startup in furniture industry history.




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