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April 2018 Issue

Current Issue

The Silent Invaders

The focus of this issue has been the impact of traditional retailers expanding into adjacent markets.

Competitive Battlefield

Before discussing the battlefield, we need to understand what the battle is for.

2017 Furniture Imports Grow Almost 3X Faster Than Retail Sales

Despite uncertainties over U.S. trade policies (see box insert), imports of household furniture continue to grow in double digits.

Are You Winning or Losing Your Market War?

This issue’s theme centers on the competitive battlefield in which we do business.

Casual Friday: It’s Every Day in the Dining Room

The days of the big formal dining rooms are long gone – at least from a furniture retailer’s perspective – but it’s not exactly rocket science to understand that people still need a place to eat.

Take 5: KIM YOST

There’s a map on the wall of every office at Art Van Furniture’s Warren, Mich., headquarters with a large circle highlighting every city and town within a 600-mile radius of the retailer’s massive distribution center.




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