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From the Editor : A Changing Tide


No one ever said change was easy. In fact, for most, it’s human nature to resist change. We tend to get comfy and cozy with the status quo. At least until the status quo becomes so static and uncomfortable that we’re eager for a few changes. Then, look out because we’ll go searching for a better way.

Surely by now you’ve heard our news about Home Furnishings Business being acquired by Impact Consulting Services of Atlanta. If not, I’ll write it off as it being summer and vacations and the ever-revolving market cycle our industry has us plowing through. That’s a wee bit of change for the team here at the magazine; a change of which we’re all very welcoming.

Personally, I’ve known Bob George, the owner of Impact Consulting, for close to 20 years, which is when I first joined this crazy industry as a reporter. He and I have been sparring through interviews for years. He has great stories to share of our many conversations and the information gleaned; just ask him!

We’re still working to tie all of the loose ends together of, but once those are knotted, our readers can look forward to a more powerful, more informative read from Home Furnishings Business both in print and online. Due to our quick publishing schedule in July, we weren’t able to implement some of the enhancements we’ve got tucked up our sleeves. Here’s promising some beefed-up reporting and storytelling coming your way in September.
One noticeable change we were able to turn around for this issue was a beefed up version of “What Sells” on page 37. We’ve taken industry statistics and data that Impact’s FurnitureCore has gathered on the youth furniture market and combined the data with what retailers tell us are they’re top-selling items. The figures and data—information we didn’t have access to prior to our June buyout—make for a more powerful feature packed with useful information for our readers.
Look for more meatier “What Sells” features in future issues. This will become our footprint for the department.
The breadth of information available through FurnitureCore is mind-boggling. While the HFB team doesn’t have complete, unfettered access to the data available on FurnitureCore, we’re excited about the industry information we will be able to use to inform you. Our mantra has long been to provide useful insight into the industry to help our readers improve their businesses. That will not change.

You should know that I am still trying to convince Bob that more sharing of data is the better way to go. So far though, he’s not buying it!
The other aspect of information sharing that has me giddy is the ability FurnitureCore has to tap into the consumer and what she wants and needs from her home furnishings and the shopping experience. How darn cool is that?!? We’ll be able to field questions to your end consumer.
Home Furnishings Business has a fun, bright future ahead, and as always, I look forward to your input and your part of the industry’s conversation.


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