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Cut a Rug


By: Sheila Long O'Mara

Area rugs can give bare floors a quick and easy makeover, and they can also be a great anchor for a well-designed living space.

In today’s home furnishings world, a great selection of rugs give retail sales associates a better opportunity for add-on sales. According to the most recent Home Furnishings Business survey of consumers, that’s just how people shop for area rug—first, they buy new furniture; then, they buy the rug.

Nearly 75 percent of the 157 consumers participating in the survey said they chose their furniture first. Each of the consumers had bought a rug within the last 18 months. Another 17 percent said they reversed the purchases and bought the rug first. The other 8 percent bought furniture and the rug at the same time.

Perhaps the most concerning part of the survey for furniture stores is that consumers are bypassing the traditional furniture retailers when buying rugs and turning their attention and money to mass merchants like Walmart and Target.

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed made their most recent rug purchase at a mass merchant. Another 23.3 percent opted to buy from the nearby home improvement center—Lowe’s or Home Depot, for example. Even the Internet wooed a higher percentage of rug buyers at 13.8 percent compared to traditional furniture stores where only 11.3 percent of surveyed consumers recently bought their new rug.

When asked where they shopped for their rugs prior to purchasing, 16 percent said they’d looked for rugs at a traditional furniture store. The mass merchants garnered 29.7 percent of consumers shopping for their purchase, and the home improvement stores were cited by 20.5 percent of rug consumers.

Price sensitivity could have driven many consumers into non-traditional furniture channels for their purchase.

More than 42 percent said they spent between $100 and $399 for their most recent rug purchase. Another 35.2 percent reported they spent less than $100 for their rug. Another 12 percent spent between $400 and $799.


In Style

Consumers in our survey seemed clustered around a few trends. Neutral colors—beige, white, black, for example—were bought nearly six times as more frequently than other colors with 66 percent opting for neutral hues. On-trend blues, one of the more popular colors in home furnishings, came in a distant second at 11.3 percent, and greens followed at 10.7 percent.

A myriad of designs and patterns exist in rugs, but the largest segment of our consumer group, 29.6 percent, opted for solid rugs. Geometric designs followed at a distant second with 18.9 percent buying those patterns. Floral designs at 15.1 percent and traditional prints at 12.6 percent followed in third and fourth places.

Want More?

A more in-depth report on the rug category is available for purchase by calling Natalia Hurd at (404) 390-1535 or via e-mail at




Percentage of 2014 industry sales attributed to rugs


$4.99 Billion

2014 rug sales



2014 sales growth for rugs

What Retailers Say

“This rug is a winner because it’s gradient color design is stylish while still being very versatile. The color way includes grays, blues and creams, which are very on trend.  Because it does not include bold pattern, it can be paired with many different types of furniture and prints. And above all, because of its shag construction it’s very soft and comfortable underfoot.” Retail is $299.99 for an 8’x10’.

Heather Hele

Jerome’s Furniture

San Diego


What Suppliers Say

Kasbah Star by Capel Rugs

Kasbah is hand-knotted in India and is crafted with Lincoln wool. “It has a great hand with texture being oh so important in decorating these days,” said Cameron Capel, vice president with Capel. “It also features the Moroccan look and an aged, antiqued look, which many people enjoy.” Suggested retail is $2,559 for an 8’x11’.


Calvin Klein’s Prairie Arctic from Nourison

The Prairie Arctic rug features special cowhides with contrasting hues and alternating hair direction to add to the design and sophistication of the unique collection, said Kimberly Weling, social media specialist with Nourison. Shifting bands offer speckled silvers on a pale ground. Suggested retail is $6,998 for an 8’x10’.

Anastasia from Loloi

Anastasia has become a fan favorite, giving the appearance of being a fine rug made by hand, but offering ornate character that is also easy to care for. The intricate detail, luster of colors and unbeatable price point have establish the popularity of this collection among rug owners. Suggested retail is $629 for a 5’x8’.

Melody by Surya

Hand-tufted in 100 percent wool, Surya’s Melody offers a medium pile and a subtle hint of color. The geometric pattern gives the rug a welcoming vibe. Suggested retail is $379 for a 5’x7’6”.

Sheffield Stripe from Company C

The combination of texture and on-trend blue give Sheffield stripe an easy design that can coordinate with multiple shades and neutrals. The molting in the yarns, a high-low texture and the tie-dyed yarns give the rug visual and textural interest.

Revival by Oriental Weavers

The Revival collection interprets the over-dyed look that is currently on trend in the marketplace, said Nicki Rayburn, director of marketing for Oriental Weavers. “The collection has a vintage Persian styling but in brighter, more modern colors and anchored in the popular neutral gray,” she said. Suggested retail is $199 for a 5’x8’.

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